RV Discovery
RV Discovery

Temperature Sensors Deployment
Temperature Sensors Deployment

Glider Deployment
Glider Deployment

RV Discovery
RV Discovery


Specific reserach projects and publications which are part of the studies conducted using MyCON data

Members of the team that involves with MyCON data collection and research

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Detail description of MyCON projects, methods use and coverage of the data, and plannings

What is MyCON?


Malaysia Coastal Observation Networks (MyCON) is a program planned to amass critical information pertaining physical ocean data especially along Malaysia coastal waters. This initiative is lead by physical oceanography labroratory of INOS. There are numbers of projects conducted under this program which intended to enhance ocean data collection and manage it, as part of an effort to develop better marine observation system in Malaysia. 

Mohd Fadzil Akhir

Principal Researcher

Latest News



October 31, 2015

Thermal frontal zone along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Poh Heng Kok, Mohd F. Akhir, Fredolin T. Tangang (2015). Continental Shelf Reserch


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SCS Forecasting System 

Ocean Forecasing Demonstration System in the Southeast Asian Seas of IOC/WESTPAC.