Reserach Projects

1. Numerical Modeling and Field Measurement of Current Circulation and Physical Processes in Southern China Sea, August 2013 – MOSTI (EScience).


2.  The Identification of Profiles, Dynamics and Seasonal Variation of Boundary Current Along Peninsular Malaysia at South China Sea Malaysia, January 2011 – KPT(FRGS) 


3. Development of Seasonal Primary Productions Model from Satellite Imagery for South China Sea, January 2009 – Jan 2011, MOSTI (E-Science).


4. A Study of Current Circulation Influence towards Primary Productivity Distribution through Numerical Modeling Approach, January 2013 – In progress, KPT (RACE).


5.  The physical characteristics and current circulation of the SCS and the influence of inter-seasonal monsoon, January 2013-January 2015, UMT (INOS-HICoE).


6. Brunei Bay Circulation Dynamics and Interactions, January 2013-January 2015, UMT (INOS-HICoE).


7. The Development of Physical Oceanography Real Time Data Analysis System from Ocean Space-based Technology, Mac 2013 – In progress, MOSTI (EScience).

Related Publications

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