UMT signed Memorandum of Understanding with UWA

Long collaboration with University of Western Australia (UWA) has taken to a new height when UMT recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Perth, Australia.

The new development will bring Institute of Oceanography and Environement (INOS) and Ocean Institute of UWA working together more closely in numbers of research aspect. This will include, visiting researchers, postgraduate supervision, online courses and joint research project.

The most important highlight in the discussion is the commitment of both institute to put importance to the physical oceanography research through the MyCON program.

UMT's VIce Chancellor, Prof. Dato' Ibrahim Komoo when elaborate about the collaboration between the two universitites has emphasise that each MoU should develop a specific reserach project and lead by specific group between the two to maintain continuity of the collaboration. For this MoU he hope the physical oceanography is the right group to take the lead.

(Fig) UMT’s Vice Chancellor and UWA’s Pro Vice Chancellor of Research exchanged the signed MoU, accompanied by INOS director Prof Lokman Husain and Ocean Inst. Deputy Dir. W/Prof Shaun Collins

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