Special Talk on Climate System

5 May 2014

INOS HICoE co-researcher and a co-member of MyCON, Prof Dr. Fredolin Tangang has conducted a special talk to UMT students who undertake Meteorology course this semester. The 3 hours talk entitled “Climate System, Climate Variability and Climate Change’.

The talk covers ranges of climate dynamics and variability in the context of Malaysia and Asia region. This presentation has allowed the student to comprehend the nature of climate unpredictability in our country recently. The participant have certainly learn many new terms regarding the climate when they were tought about terms such as IOD, ENSO, MJO, IPCC etc.

Prof Tangang during the talk also mention that according to recent data from Pacific Ocean, El-Nino is expected to happen in next few months. Nevertheless, the strength of this El-Nino will only be apparent by end of the year.

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