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BRAN 2.1


Bluelink Reanalysis version 2.1 (BRAN 2.1), under the Bluelink project by Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and Royal Australian Navy is a project that aims to deliver ocean forecasts for the Australian region. BRAN is a 14 years integration of OFAM (Ocean Forecasting Australia Model) that assimilates observations using BODAS (Bluelink Ocean Data Assimilation System) as the re-analysis component. OFAM is implemented by MOM4 (Modular Ocean Model) using the hybrid mixed layer model.

Spatial Coverage

Longitude : 95 E – 120 E

Latitude : 5 S – 20 N

Temporal Coverage

Start from 01-01-2005 until 02-12-2006

*Notes: The data is available for 5-days daily mean


x (Longitude) : 0.1 ͦ

y (Latitude) : 0.1 ͦ

z (Depth) : 10m (*Notes: The data has 47 vertical level starting with 5m)




U-component of current circulation

V-component of current circulation

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