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MASNUM (Laboratory of MArine Sciences and NUmerical Modeling, State Oceanic Administration (SOA)) is a centre for the forecast system of wave-tide-circulation coupled numerical model. The circulation part is adapted from POM (Princeton Ocean Model), the wave part is MASNUM-WAM model, the meteorological models are MM5 for regional and NCEP for the global. The wave-induced viscosity Bv is added to the viscosity provided by the M-Y scheme in POM. A nested scheme from the quasi-global to Southeast Asian water is used to obtain the open boundary conditions. The detail data information as below :

Data type

Wave Height

File Type

NETCDF file (.nc)


(1/8)° x (1/8)° = ~13 km


Daily, Jan 2014 – December 2014

Area of Coverage

Latitude : 0° N – 16° N

Longitude : 99° E – 116° E

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MASNUM webpage [Click here]

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