NCEP : Data Information

NCEP / NCAR Reanalysis : Surface

Brief Description:

NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis 1

Temporal Coverage:

  • 4-times daily, daily and monthly values for 1948/01/01 to present

  • Long term monthly means, derived from data for years 1981 - 2010

  • These variables are instantaneous values at the reference time.

Spatial Coverage:

  • 2.5 degree latitude x 2.5 degree longitude global grid (144x73)

  • 90N - 90S, 0E - 357.5E


  • Surface or near the surface (.995 sigma level), or entire atmosphere (eatm)

  • Also, precipitable water is included here, because it is a 3-D file on a 2.5 degree grid, but it is not a surface value, but rather for the entire atmospheric column

Update Schedule:

  • Daily

Related webpage:

NCEP webpage [Click Here]

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