First trip to offshore with our RV Discovery

RV Discovery is UMT research vessel, the one and only vessel of its kind in Malaysia and the university is really proud of it. It has been a long wait for us, to take a rough ride into the ocean and really feel how its like to be on our new moving labroratory. It came out, we enjoy it really much.

Our crew from Institute of Oceanography and Environment has the previlage to be the first team to work on this first offshore trip for the vessels. In fact, the vessels has been working in the coastal area for nearly 6 months. But this trip will be the first to try it out far to the offshore.

We manage to conduct 10 stations with basic oceanographic survey i.e. CTD, Niskin, Grab and ADCP. To show you how interesting this trip was, we manage to gather the interesting moments in a video. Enjoy it, because we did!

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