MyCON presented upcoming plan for 2015

MyCON has made rigorous plan for the coming year, 2015. Being part of the Ocean Forecasting System member under the IOC/WESTPAC umbrella, Dr. Mohd Fadzil recently presented previous success and upcoming plan for the project that so far has benefit the group that has collaborated with the team for the past 3 years. The presentation was held in the Phuket Marine Biological Centre in Thailand.

We would like to acknowledge the suport from Prof. Fangli Qiao from First Institute of Oceanography, China and our adjunct professor, Prof Fredolin Tanggang from National University for this very collaborations.

With additional support from our collaborators from Thailand and Indonesia in the next phase, we expect this effort will provide a fruitful output in the future by providing a reliable forecasting system for the region.

2014-12-17 15.21.52.jpg

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