The Team

The team involves researchers, officers and postgraduate students from UMT. This also includes collaborators from National University of Malaysia (Prof Fredolin) and University of Western Australia (Prof Pattiaratchi).


We would also like to acknowledge our team that involve indirectly with MyCON, that includes: i), Alam Sekitar Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. for providing Wave Glider. ii) Geospatial and Geodynamics Research Group from Malaysia University of Technology (UTM) and also all the crew members involve in the cruises and sampling trip; i) Unit Pengurusan Kapal UMT, ii) Institut Perikanan Malaysia, (KL Cermin).

Dr. Mohd Fadzil Akhir
Principal Researcher
Prof. Fredolin Tangang
Dr. Azizi Ali
Research Officer
En. Shukri Arsad
Science Officer
En. Fathy Kameel M. Fadzil
 Science Officer
Assc. Prof. Dr Aidy @ M Shawal Muslim
Prof. Dr. Mohd Lokman Husain
Prof. Chari Pattiaratchi
International Co-researcher
En. Roslan Latif
Assistant Science Officer
Nur Hidayah Bt Roseli
PhD  Student
Nurul Rabitah Bt Daud
PhD  Student
Kok Poh Heng
PhD  Student
Zuraini Bt Zainol
MSc  Student